Holy Water Bottle From The Antique Jordan River For Catholic Home Christmas Gift Blessed By Lourdes Packed In Unique Reusable Box With A Certificate Card

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Blessed Holy Water Bottle from Jordan River with Certificate Card

  • Holy Water Bottle Drawn From The Antique Blessed Jordan River Of the Holy Land For Catholic Home
  • Lourdes Sacred Flask Dispel Evil Christmas Gift From Jesus Christ Baptism Site for House Protection
  • A Fine Mist Gold Spray Cap Enabling Splash Of The Water. In A Reusable Box With A Golden Silk Cloth
  • The Bottle Keepsake Of GENUINE Purifying Holy Water Collected From The Jordan River In The Holy Land
  • An Original Certificate Card Of Authenticity Is Included In The Box With The Water Collection Date


The water of this river has a special; value for all Christians, as Jesus Christ was baptized there. The bottle with the Holy Water is made in the form of the cross, so you can buy it as a souvenir for your beloved friends or relatives. The Holy Water can be sprinkled in your home to protect your family from all evil and to bring true faith, health, glory and God’s grace to your home. 

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